Why FORS is the accreditation you need

We are sure you’ve all seen the stickers on the back of vehicles of all shapes and sizes across the country – but how much do you know about FORS?

Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) is the voluntary accreditation scheme built to increase the quality standards within fleet operations. It allows you to track which operators are performing to the highest levels of safety, efficiency and environmental protection.

The peace of mind that comes with being a member of FORS is two-fold. Firstly, your management of work-related road risk is more competent. But also, you are also showing your customers and supply chain your commitment to exceed the industry standard in safety and efficiency.

So – what makes FORS the right choice?


A history of safety and environmental practice is a must have for potential transport buyers. The FORS accreditation is proof to potential clients that you are consistently performing well and have a good practice in road safety and sustainability. This kind of background check is an invaluable tool to help you gain more custom and keep that which you already have.

Safety is key for all drivers and companies. In 2018, FORS Silver and Gold members observed a 30% reduction in the number of reported minor and major collisions. The FORS training equips your managers and drivers with all the skills necessary to improve road safety at work and reduce any risk of collisions. Safety specific tools, guides and courses are all available as a member of FORS which will improve your team’s ability to stay protected and responsible on the road.

Fuel Consumption

Environmental practice and conservative driving can allow for a considerably increased MPG. The FORS training and eLearning modules offer a guide to the best practice for environmental driving and allow you to stay one step ahead of your competition. Expert advice available on the latest systems and technology which provides improved efficiency which you will notice immediately. In 2018, FORS Gold accredited companies observed a 14% improvement in reported MPG performance. Defensive and economic driving leads to reduced fuel costs – there’s no catch.

Compliance is key

Legal obligations are another big reason to use FORS. Remaining compliant is vital and FleetCheck powered FORS Fleet Management is a comprehensive platform to enable complete driver, vehicle and organisation administration. Operators have a duty of care, by law, to keep tabs on their driver’s competency and ability. This is made much easier with the use of FORS.

Industry Know-How

You receive fortnightly updates via email, monthly training and a regular magazine with insider knowledge on how the changes in the scheme benefit you. A constantly changing industry is full of potential opportunities and you will have these presented to you. Through FORS’ Professional Training, managers and drivers can network and meet other industry professionals to further their own businesses.

At our Birmingham event on the 11th September, we are offering a FREE no-obligation technology review for your FORS accreditation, including all vehicle-based technology and communications packages. Bookings will be available at the event with any Foresolutions representatives. If you want even more information on FORS, or want to book on to the event, you can find the links below.

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