Vehicle Tracking – Big Brother or Big Savings for businesses?

Nobody likes the feeling of being spied on.  Vehicle tracking may seem like just another addition to life with Big Brother, but by installing tracking systems in fleet cars, companies are now able to manage their vehicles and drivers more effectively helping businesses to reduce operating costs and increase revenues.

Imagine your company could track every vehicle in its fleet, whether it be an executive car or an engineer’s van, at very little cost, wherever it may be located.  Add to this the ability to gather every conceivable type of data from every car on the road, right down to fuel temperatures or even excessive braking and acceleration.  So, how could all this information benefit you?

The Foretrack Vehicle Tracking System can give fleet managers the ability to collect an impressive volume of statistics in real time. Vehicle position and performance data will come pouring in to their live tracking account.  This data will provide some very important facts about the driving characteristics of all the company’s drivers.

And for any company involved in routing and scheduling, there will also be some priceless logistical information for fleet management through foretrack’s historical data and reporting.  Up to 3 months worth of data can be stored, and through the comprehensive selection of reports available, the internet vehicle tracking system allows a user to pull out any information they may require.

The Foretrack solution offers live web based vehicle tracking and fleet management, providing businesses with around the clock visibility and complete control of their mobile workforce from any internet enabled PC.