Vehicle Tracking, or Portable Tracking: that is the question

GPS tracking is no longer technology restricted to MI5 Spooks.  Foretrack are a leading provider of live, web-based tracking.  The last year has witnessed an explosion of companies seeking to enhance security, reduce costs and improve overall control of their vehicle fleets.  Foretrack provides this and more using a live, web-based stream of activity, accessible for any computer worldwide, to give you around the clock control, knowledge and watch of your assets.

Whether you are looking for van tracking, vehicle tracking or fleet tracking, Foretrack can provide the solution you need.  However, our tracking solutions are not limited to vehicle tracking.  Foretrack have introduced portable tracking, opening up the possibilities for remote surveillance.  Foretrack provide the portable Ocellus S100 unit.  This very compact unit and self-contained, weighing only 140g, is remotely configurable to suit the user’s specific requirements.

Royal Mail have commissioned artist, Tim Knowles, to produce a series of works following the journey of a parcel as it travels through the postal system.  Tim, as an artist, is very interested in the notion of GPS tracking.  He seeks to make the invisible visible, in this case the route of a package travelling through the post.  Foretrack are proudly working in conjunction with Tim Knowles and Royal Mail using our portable tracking to allow Tim to track the progress of his parcel’s journey using highly sensitive GPS settings, thus producing extremely detailed mapping.

To allow Tim the highest sensitivity and performance for Postal Works he is using the portable Ocellus S100 unit within his parcel to track the journey.  Tim will exhibit the work as an installation in 2008 using drawings and mapping images generated by the date recorded from the portable tracking.

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