Thieves target Tractors! Foretrack Vehicle Tracking can prevent such theft

The Times reported today that ..” Tractors are the latest target .. for criminal gangs who are stealing top of the range models”. The products and solutions available from Foretrack can prevent such theft, recover the goods and track the criminals.

The criminals target John Deere but similar equipment from Case, Caterpillar, Massey Ferguson, JCB and Daewoo are being routinely stolen. Foretrack has unique products and solutions to track such plant and equipment.

Tractors, Telescopic Handlers and such Plant Machinery are relatively easy to steal because most ignition Keys are standard. Foretrack can offer a unique solution. Foretrack can allow the customer to stun the vehicles power. The tractor can only be powered during the hours that the customer determines. These hours can be set remotely and can be changes at any time with a few minutes delay. A vehicle with no power is much harder to steal.

Insurance companies will look very favourably at premiums for customers’ installing Foretrack’s products and service to protect their Plant and Assets.

Be alerted the moment a piece of equipment moves from an exact location. Be alerted by a text, an email or phone call. You can track exactly where the plant is and each movement in real time, you even know which way round a roundabout the thieves went. You can also monitor the equipment on any web browser; at the office, on a mobile PDA at home, or anywhere with Web access.

Don’t worry about Power, the Foretrack devices have a battery back up and will emit full information on the Tractor or Plant over many days and weeks. The S100 device will still omit tracking data even if your Tractor or Plant has been put into another covered trailer. The QinetiQ S100 uniquely from Foretrack is a unique device in the protection of Tractors, Plants and assets.

The Foretrack devices can be installed in hidden and secret areas inside your equipment. With no antennas or wires the thieves are not even aware that they and your equipment are being tracked ever few seconds.

On our range of mapping services see exactly where your equipment is. With our Microsoft Virtual Earth facility you can zoom in an actual satellite image of the street, building or location where your Tractor or Plan is.

Foretrack is going to cost under 90 pence per week when leased over a period a few years with no other monthly costs. How much does it cost in replacing or even renting a replacement Tractor until such times as your insurance is sorted out. Foretrack can clearly save you money and a considerable amount of hassle.

Why wait?

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