Top 5 Ways to Run a More Efficient Fleet

Top 5 Ways to Run a More Efficient Fleet

In a logistics company or a transportation company, fleet managers play a pivotal role. The fleet managers are responsible for selecting and maintaining vehicles in order to keep deliveries and distributions on schedule and within the established budget. In order to succeed, fleet managers need significant experience and skills in operations, logistics and using software programs to monitor both fleets and drivers.

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1. Fuel card – fleet managers can often negotiate larger volume rebates by contracting directly with a fuel card provider. The fuel business is a very high volume, low margin business, and using a fuel card adds a middle man between the provider and the end user.

2. Maintenance control – this area can be a massive cost saving as the impact of vehicle downtime effects efficient driver usage, the drain on other vehicles having to make up the work and ultimately overall company performance. Not to mention the benefits of scheduling downtime before hand so that more efficient strategies can be put in place.

3. Utilise telematics to give yourself a more efficient fleet – a recent survey found that nearly half of all surveyed fleets use telematics in vehicles in order to improve fuel efficiency. There is also lots of research out there confirming that the use of telematics can be linked to a reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Not only do telematics encourage behavioural changes in driver habits, seeing more cautious and slower driving, but it’s an extremely useful tool in identifying effective ways to manage your fleet. Having the most up-to-date positions of your fleet, alongside traffic information, you can effectively dictate the most efficient routes by the most suitably positioned driver. This could see a reduction in wasted time and fuel, making the most of your driver’s time.

Top 5 Ways to Run a More Efficient Fleet Foretrack

4. Driver Training – Conducting driver training is a popular measure taken to reduce fuel bills within the commercial fleet industry. Promoting driver tips and good practices while obtaining accurate data about driving behaviour within the fleet will go on to identify embedded habitual issues. These highlighted issues can then be addressed through effective training and educational techniques to help drivers become more efficient. Even promoting just a few simple tips and tricks could see a shift in driving behaviours which then, in turn, could see a reduction in fuel usage.

5. Establish a robust fleet policy, evidence suggest that having a clear written policy makes for a good start. Some areas to consider are:

Which departments / individuals in a business require a vehicle to aid their role

Are there differences with regard to the type of vehicle offered to different role types?

Which vehicles will meet the needs of the individual

What is the objective of the vehicles you use, is it low fuel consumption or style?

Do you encourage pooling between employees?

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