Road Pricing, Foretrack Customers express their views

Government studies are being carried out on introducing a scheme for all UK vehicles. The UK government suggested they explore “piggy-backing” road pricing on private sector technologies, such as vehicle tracking and pay-as-you-go insurance, thus avoiding a large-scale public sector procurement exercise. If introduced, this scheme would likely see a charge being levied per mile depending on the time of day, the road being driven along, and perhaps the type of vehicle.

We canvassed the views of Foretrack customers on the topic of Road Pricing and had a wide scale reponse.

Many fleet operators are incensed about the thought of even more charges for operating their companies cars, vans, and truck’s for simply going about their day to day business. Most seemed resigned to have to accept whatever the governmnet might land them with. Some customers are trying to “fight back” with some hard facts about the road usage of their vehicles.

Foretrack vehicle tracking with its management and fleet vehicle reporting sytem is being used by some customers to lobby their MP’s and Business groups to avoid or minimise the charges. Some customers are installing more real time vehicle tracking across their entire fleets as a way of increasing cost savings within their business; they want to increase productivity to ensure that future costs do not damage their competitiveness.