Reducing your Carbon Footprint: Foretrack Customers ask for help

What is a ‘Carbon Footprint’?

Carbon Footprint is a measure of the amount of carbon dioxide or CO2 emitted through the combustion of fossil fuels; in the case of an organisation, business or enterprise, as part of their everyday operations.

In the news, in everyday life, in our dealings with customers, in supplying government organisations, local or national, being “environmentally friendly” is the only way to be.

Companies on their own indicatives are asking themselves how can they be more eco-friendly. Government organisations are asking suppliers for help and guidance on how to reduce their Carbon Footprint.

What would your company do if your largest customers selected their suppliers on the basis of which suppliers had a real programme inside their business to reduce their carbon footprint?

The use of vehicles, vans, cars, trucks, and busses by business and government organisation is a major contributor to creating a Carbon Footprint, larger than it should be.

How would your business respond if your supplier asked you to complete the following “hypothetical questionnaire”?

  • How do you monitor unnecessary vehicle idling?
  • How do you avoid duplicate or unnecessary vehicle journeys?
  • How are you measuring fleet utilisation and what are you doing to improve?
  • How do you monitor poor driving behaviour?
  • How are you measuring fuel consumption productivity index?
  • What investments are you making to lower your Carbon Footprint?

Foretrack customers have asked us for help in reducing their Carbon Footprint.

Having invested in Foretrack’s real time vehicle tracking system their investment has given them all the technology they need to reduce the Carbon Footprint from the use of their vehicle fleets.

Foretrack has created templates and reporting systems specifically to help customers monitor and lower their Carbon Footprint. Foretrack monitors vehicle and driver behaviour in real time, providing management with current and historical data and analysis on the web at anytime and in anyplace.

Foretrack customers have asked for our help to support their presentations to their customers about how they are investing in ways to reduce their Carbon Footprint.

In suppliers’ boardrooms, live demonstrations on their PC screens of the Foretrack vehicle tracking system in use by their customers demonstrates immediately the investment made and how Foretrack is a real live tool, as well as a permanent investment to help continually lower an organisation’s Carbon Footprint.