A Quick Lowdown on Trailer Tracking!

There’s lots of benefits with trailer tracking, however many trucking companies invest in tracking devices and analyse data for other vehicles in their fleet, but trailers often step out of the focus.

The list of benefits trailer tracking provides is huge, but here we focus on the most important:

  • know exact position of each trailer
  • standalone devices with built in battery work without truck power
  • left without any power devices can transmit daily location up to 12 months in a row
  • advanced devices can inform you when the trailer back door is opened
  • easy to install
  • very durable and good quality materials
  • devices store location in memory

A Quick Lowdown on Trailer Tracking! Foretrack

What is the main benefit of trailer tracking?

The main benefit is to know the location of the trailer. Sounds simple enough, but its certainly the case that some companies have great issues with finding their trailers. Some larger companies have up to 50 trailers lost without having a clue where those trailers are located. Are they lost or someone just stolen? No one really knows.

What is the ROI of trailer tracking?

If you are trucking company carrying loads for a huge grocery retail chain you could have far higher ROI compared to the flat bed trailer operating company. With these devices you can provide your clients with temperature report and a wide range of details that will position your company as a premium carrier.

Also, vitally the chances of losing your trailer or getting it stolen are going to a minimum with these devices.

Considerations when choosing trailer tracking suppliers?

1. Are devices battery operated? Battery operated devices are extremely easy to install which saves you a lot of money and reduces trailer downtime. But they have one more amazing feature and that is that they run even though the trailer may not be connected to the truck and doesn’t have a power connection.

2. Is your provider responsive to faulty equipment? It can be extremely easy to have a unit malfunction and not notice. At Foretrack we appoint you an Account Manager who will log in and check your account to see if you’re using your data as effectively as possible, ensuing you’re never left with a lame unit.

3. How often is trailer tracking device sending location? This is also extremely important because it can affect multiple features such us: battery durability, price, data plan required, data plan price etc. If the device is programmed to send the location once per day or once per week that is a huge difference. Consider how often you need to know the exact location before considering a purchase.

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