Road Pricing, Foretrack Customers express their views

Government studies are being carried out on introducing a scheme for all UK vehicles. The UK government suggested they explore “piggy-backing” road pricing on private sector technologies, such as vehicle tracking and pay-as-you-go insurance, thus avoiding a large-scale public sector procurement exercise. If introduced, this scheme would likely see a charge being levied per mile […]

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London Congestion Charges, Foretrack Customers avoid Penalties

London’s recently enlarged area for Congestion Charging will cause increased headaches for some business owners and fleet mangers. Failing to optimise vehicle routing means increased daily costs of operation. With no benefits of vehicle tracking a late payment of an unexpected congestion charge increases costs even more; being very late with a payment may cost […]

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Government Tax Hike – Van Drivers Beware

Britain’s 290,000 van drivers and fleet managers are advised to act now to avoid the Government’s potential 600% tax hike for van drivers, scheduled to come into effect from next year. In April 2007, the benefit-in-kind tax charge on company vans will soar from £500 to £3,500 – that is unless it can be proved […]

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