London Congestion Charges, Foretrack Customers avoid Penalties

London’s recently enlarged area for Congestion Charging will cause increased headaches for some business owners and fleet mangers. Failing to optimise vehicle routing means increased daily costs of operation. With no benefits of vehicle tracking a late payment of an unexpected congestion charge increases costs even more; being very late with a payment may cost the business a penalty charge of £100.

Foretrack customers have been heaping praise on our ‘London Congestion Charge Alarmingand Monitoring System’. Already enjoying the benefits of our real time vehicle tracking, this feature allows the user to plan routes avoiding the charges. Relying totally on the driver’s decision on routing can cost money. Foretrack customers with fleet vehicle tracking can plan and control any congestion charges; they are immediately alerted to all vehicles that are going to be charged.

Mike Burton says, “Whether we like it or not congestion charges are here to stay, we want to minimise the cost impact on our customers, and we certainly want to avoid paying penalty charges on top. With Foretrack’s solution for fleet management in London we know what our congestion charges are minute by minute in real time, we can pay promptly and get no surprises of any late or unpaid penalty charges. With Foretrack providing us with on-line history of vehicle movements we can even challenge cases where we have been wrongly charged.”