You’d Be Foolish Not to Have GPS Tracking!

Why You Need GPS Tracking! 

If you operate fleets from 2 to 250 vehicles, GPS tracking is essential for any fleet manager who needs real time information available at the push of a button. 

What is GPS fleet-tracking software? 

Think of GPS fleet-tracking software as your virtual passenger for each vehicle. Instead of having to sit in the passenger seat and monitor vehicles and drivers in person, this formation is accessible via web platform. In essence GPS fleet-tracking software lets you keep an eye on everything from your desk or mobile phone. Using GPS fleet-tracking software, businesses can make sure vehicles are operating optimally and that drivers are being safe and responsible.

How GPS fleet tracking software works

GPS fleet-tracking software works in tandem with a piece of GPS hardware installed in the vehicle. It uses global positioning systems via satellites to track vehicles and drivers in real time. It gives users access to real-time updates and alerts using data that is sent directly from the vehicle to the software operator.

You'd Be Foolish Not to Have GPS Tracking! Foretrack

GPS fleet-tracking software features

Like regular GPS systems, GPS fleet-tracking software can locate vehicles, set up routes and give directions to assigned destinations. However, the software takes this to the next level to by also monitoring vehicle conditions. This includes things like tracking fuel consumption and mileage and identifying maintenance and equipment issues, which ultimately aids you to lower operating costs.

In addition to tracking vehicles, GPS software also tracks driver behaviour to help ensure safety and accountability (this is commonly called telematics). It logs everything from speed to driving patterns and aggressive manoeuvres (such as fast turns and hard braking). It can also record idle times and alert you for specific events, like when a driver is speeding or has gone off-route.

Most software also comes with dispatching tools and scheduling capabilities to help improve workflow. These features can also boost customer satisfaction, for instance, by providing more accurate ETAs and making sure drivers arrive on time. Other features include accident tracking, roadside assistance, anti-theft service, time clocks and attendance tracking.

At Foretrack we have developed packages here, these packages make it easy for you to understand the different features and price points.