How Does Fleet Management Improve Driver Behaviour?

How Does Fleet Management Improve Driver Behaviour? This is a question we get asked a lot, this article demonstrates some of the answers we provide.

In essence Fleet Management provides telematics data that can show you the following:

  • Harsh braking
  • Excessive speeding
  • Strange stopping patterns
  • Idling times
  • Efficient routing

How Does Fleet Management Improve Driver Behaviour? Foretrack

1. This data isn’t meant to be an extension of ‘Big Brother’ but rather a way to reward good driver behaviour and highlight the correction of bad driver behaviour. Essentially it encourages ownership and accountability for driving style, with the proper encouragement and feedback, it can increase the quality of the entire fleets’ driving style.

2. Mitigate against risk. Having the capability to score driving style helps you manage risk, identify those people who aren’t driving efficiently and fulfil your ‘duty of care’ obligations for drivers. This risk scoring is made possible by monitoring defensive or aggressive driver styles. So you’re able to decide on any training that’s needed, as well as reward and encourage safe driving.

3. Measurement and KPI’s. 49% of businesses using Telematics have seen a reduction in speeding incidences and fines, while 55% have seen a reduction in fuel usage. However in order to achieve any successes, measurement parameters need to be set. The data gathered needs to be translated into knowledge and be relevant to the problems the business is trying to solve. Well-defined goals need to be established and milestones set to measure the progress towards these goals.

Safer driving also means more efficient driving when considering the time spent on the roadside after an accident. By using the data to improve driver behavior, you’ll spend less time managing these incidents and more time focusing on your company’s success.

Your vehicles are an extension of your brand, so why take the chance that your drivers erratic driving behaviour will negatively impact you?

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