Find Out How to Protect Yourself with Dashcam Technology

Did you know that video evidence caught on a dashcam can be used in a court of law?

The latest dashboard cameras will help you provide evidence for insurance purposes or even as evidence at the scene of an accident – as many devices also feature a LCD screen for video playback. This video-proof can help protect your driving license and even reduce your insurance premiums.

Parking mode is standard on the majority of dash cameras too, so you can document evidence of events whilst away from your car too – this works via motion detection to start recording so you do not need to waste video recording time.

In 2015, in a landmark case, a driver paid the ultimate penalty when, on the evidence of dashcam footage, he was sent to prison after pleading guilty to dangerous driving. A fellow motorist had recorded footage of the incident and reported him to the police. It is thought to be the first time a driver has been jailed on the evidence of dashcam video.

Most dashcams are used by drivers to protect themselves against fraudulent insurance claims: in the event of a crash the device automatically saves the few minutes’ footage leading up to the impact, which can be used by insurance companies to determine who is at fault (most insurance companies now offer discounts for policyholders who have a dashcam fitted). However, increasingly drivers have taken to manually saving clips that show dangerous driving. Insurers say they would expect drivers to send in footage after an accident. If a driver has forgotten to switch the camera on, or if it malfunctions, they will not be penalised, but there will be less evidence that they were not at fault — if that is what they claim.

Find Out How to Protect Yourself with Dashcam Technology Foretrack Find Out How to Protect Yourself with Dashcam Technology Foretrack

The police are also actively encouraging drivers to submit their footage. When a member of the public witnesses or records a video of an offence, they encourage that person to bring the evidence forward to police to investigate. With motoring offences, videos filmed from dashboard-mounted cameras are admissible as evidence, assuming that the quality is good and the evidence can be corroborated.

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