Empty Trucks

Andrew Tinkler the chief executive of Stobarts the haulier has recently suggested that the Government introduce a tax on empty trucks to cut road congestion and thus reduce fuel consumption. Mr Tinkler spoke with the Prime Ministers advisors several weeks ago and plans to take the matter further in a meeting with Geoff Hoon Transport Secretary on the 15th February. He has calculated that a 15 percent improvement in the utilisation of the UKs fleets could be worth £8bn a year, with the additional benefit that it would mean fewer trucks on the road and a lower fuel burn.

Stobarts run a ‘pay-as-you-go’ operation where customers do not have their own fleet of trucks in their own livery but buy in capacity as required. All of Stobarts drivers are directed to the nearest available clients, which include, Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola and Tesco and so cutting down on empty miles. This makes Stobarts 14 percent more efficient than the industry standard and far more resilient to the current recession than some of its rivals that operate dedicated fleets for single clients.

Zoe Hastings, foretrack Sales Manager, believes that Mr Tinkler is on the right track. “With the foretrack product you can identify the exact location of your whole fleet of trucks and trailers, thus allowing you to coordinate your operation and cut down on fuel thus increasing your fleets utilisation. In a tough market every penny counts and tracking can provide a significant increase in your fleets profitability with very little change to a companies business model”.