Vehicle telematics

We can connect directly to vehicle telematics using both CANbus and OBD technology to help you understand even more about your fleet.

At the most basic level this allows us to access data such as engine RPM and the wheel-based speed (i.e. the speed the driver sees on their dashboard). This feeds into our driving behaviour module to give you a clear indication of how your vehicles are driven.

Fleet management

On vehicles that support the technology, we can retrieve the actual odometer value, and use this to generate reminders for servicing and maintenance.

Comprehensive fuel monitoring

If a vehicle provides fuel usage data via its telematics interface, we combine this with the true odometer readings to produce fuel consumption and CO2 figures.

You can also consolidate this information with fuel card data to provide a comprehensive picture of your fuel usage. This can highlight potential fuel theft at the point of refuelling (misappropriation), as well as at other times, such as by syphoning.

Technical standards

Our service supports:

  • FMS CANbus (J1939), commonly found on heavy goods vehicles (HGVs)
  • EOBD CANbus (J1979), normally available on light goods vehicles (LGVs) manufactured after 2000, as well as European cars manufactured after 2004.