Key features

Our system provides a comprehensive range of features, and is designed to work for organisations with a handful of devices up to those with many hundreds of assets. Here are some of the key features, but please contact us to learn about the full range.

Key features ForetrackGeofencing
Identify important locations with a virtual fence 

Key features ForetrackAlerting
Get notified immediately by e-mail or SMS when something occurs

Key features ForetrackSpeeding
Check speed against actual limits on each road 

Key features ForetrackAnalytics
Analyse your information and generate useful reports 

Key features ForetrackDriving behaviour
Ensure vehicles are driven efficiently and safely 

Key features ForetrackDriver identification
Driver identification, authorisation, and private/business trip differentiation 

Key features ForetrackVehicle telematics
Hook into the on-board vehicle computer for extra functionality 

Key features ForetrackFuel monitoring
Monitor consumption and detect fuel theft 

Key features ForetrackTime schedules
Create time schedules that reflect shift patterns or working patterns 

Key features ForetrackScheduled actions
Schedule commands to be sent to devices at set times, e.g. immobilisation 

Key features ForetrackReminders
Reminders for important events including servicing and insurance 

Key features ForetrackMobile apps
Access information on the go with our iOS, Android, and Windows apps 

Key features ForetrackGarmin sat-navs
Interact with in-vehicle Garmin sat-nav units 

Key features ForetrackIn-vehicle cameras
Record events outside and inside the vehicle 

Key features ForetrackSecurity
Flexible permissions, authorised drivers, and restricted access 

Key features ForetrackBack office integration
Connect to your own systems with our APIs