Rawlings Transport


Rawlings Transport required a GPS tracking system to improve the service quality and communication to their customers.

Fitting our company

“It was important that we chose a system that was reliable, easy to use, quick to implement and provided strong support in case we needed it”, commented Steve Rapley, General Manager.

“I also wanted robust long lasting hardware and software that provided all the features we want today as well as the knowledge it was being constantly developed for free. This means we get functionality improvements for years to come and more importantly we have a say in what the new features will be. We are safe in the knowledge all this comes at a competitive price and we can have tailored enhancements if we want them.”

Rawlings selected Foretrack and Juniper Innovations having trialled the hardware and experienced first-hand the support both companies provide.

Client requirements

We work with many high profile companies and they are constantly looking for faster, more accurate and reliable communication. Having worked with and used a number tracking systems we and our customers are very happy that Foretrack fits the bill
Tracy Rawlings, Director.

Building for the future

“We have already seen many benefits with the system. It is helping our planning delivery processes and is saving us money on fuel, timesheet administration, and improving productivity. Plus we are now planning how we can achieve more benefits over the coming months and years.” [Steve Rapley]