K Coghlan Plant & Transport


With around 40 employees and operating a fleet of 56 vehicles and plant equipment, K Coghlan Plant & Transport Limited needed a telematics solution that would help them improve efficiency, decrease fuel costs, and protect against fraudulent insurance claims. Existing business planning relied upon drivers reporting their daily activity via mobile phones. This process was time intensive and open to ambiguity.

The Foretrack difference

Foretrack was able to offer a comprehensive solution that met all of the client requirements. Transport Manager Jed Keetch recognised the need for both internal and external cameras to protect against fraudulent claims by providing cast iron evidence, a particular concern due to the size of the fleet. The vehicle cameras also brought about other benefits such as reducing fuel usage, by discouraging drivers from leaving vehicles idling whilst on lunch, something that had previously been common practice.

Increased efficiency

More efficient routing became part of the day-to-day operation, saving not only fuel but also time. Evidence of this was found in a commonly used journey where an alternative route was identified, reducing the distance by 2 miles but more importantly the time by 15 minutes. As this route was taken four times each day, the overall saving of 1 hour of driving time had a noticeable effect on costs.

Better driving behaviour

The client has also seen an improvement in driver behaviour. The Foretrack system records excessive speeds, harsh braking, as well as extended periods of idling, and provides a score for each vehicle. Jed is able to review these actions with the drivers and identify any training or development needed.

Improved customer service

The Foretrack system has also helped K Coghlan improve the quality of their customer service. The previous processes didn’t allow staff to provide specific pick up times, however the Foretrack system allows them to know the precise location of each vehicle in the fleet allowing them to provide better information to customers.

Before engaging Foretrack, it was like trying to play darts blindfolded. Now we have such clear visibility of our fleet operations we can report on real quantifiable benefits such as cost savings, greater protection for our drivers and vehicles, and the peace of mind this brings.

Jed Keetch, Transport Manager