Better customer service

Better customer service ForetrackProviding better customer service helps foster long term business relationships. That might be giving your customers a better idea of when their deliveries will arrive, or demonstrating compliance with service contracts.

Demonstrate compliance

Many organisations that supply ad-hoc staff to customers often have the issue of providing evidence that workers were on site at a specific time, or that job sheets provide accurate records. Our service can provide location and time based reports quickly, to help you deal with queries such as these.

Conversely, should a customer call requiring an urgent service, our “find nearest vehicle” facility can help you identify and dispatch your nearest asset. This avoids having to manually call several different employees to find out where they are or if they’ve finished a previous job.

Improve reliability

Our service can be used to monitor key items such as odometer readings, external chiller running hours etc. These can be used as part of a supplier / customer arrangement where the supplying organisation monitors the readings and takes care of any necessary maintenance as part of their service level agreement.