In-vehicle cameras

Having cameras installed in your vehicles can prevent fraudulent insurance payouts, improve driving behaviour, and potentially reduce your insurance premiums.

Our dual-lens cameras can record the interior of the vehicle as well as the road ahead. This helps you to monitor driver performance and determine whether this was a factor in any incident.

The high definition pictures remain clear even in low light levels at night, and the built-in microphone captures audio too.

Continuously recording events inside and outside the vehicle, the camera detects when a collision or other abnormal event occurs, saves a copy of the recent footage, and can notify you immediately via SMS or e-mail.

As the vehicle location is stored alongside the audio and video, you can see exactly where the footage is captured as well as other important information such as the vehicle speed.

In-vehicle cameras ForetrackTamper-proof

The devices are tamper-proof to prevent drivers from adjusting the positioning of the camera or deleting any recordings.

Footage is automatically saved on a standard memory card which can only be accessed via a lockable compartment. The camera is configured using password-protected software with no physical controls accessible by the driver.

The camera doesn’t have an on-board display so it avoids any potential distractions for the driver.

Emergency event trigger

The camera will automatically detect sudden events such as a collision with its built-in sensors, but drivers can also log important events using an optional remote trigger button. This can be useful if an incident happens with a passenger inside the vehicle, or something occurs outside the vehicle that doesn’t involve the driver braking or changing direction suddenly.

Sample recording

The following sample footage is from a camera installed in a taxi, showing both the internal and external views in lower light conditions in the evening.