Appleby Westward

I started using the Foretrack system in the spring of 2005, in order to give me both a real time fleet whereabouts facility and also to help my reporting regarding the Road Transport Directive of June 2005.

I chose the system (after looking at many comparable systems) for 3 reasons, firstly the price was very competitive compared to the other quotes, secondly the system was uncluttered and very easy to use, allowing me to train relevant people myself. But the third and main selling point was the service both during the proposed purchase and subsequently the after sales service, which have both been excellent.

I now have a tracking system to be proud of, and the initial purchase cost has been a very good investment compared to the benefits gained by both myself and my customers, financially and in enhanced reputation. I would be pleased to recommend this system to anyone.

Dave Houghton, Transport Manager.